Animal Research
Mice are the most commonly used mammals in medical research. Image © Understanding Animal ResearchMedical research involving animals is beneficial to both humans and other animals. Certain kinds of questions can only be answered through animal studies. This section provides background and analysis of both animal research in general and specific animal research issues.

Current Issues

USDA to Offer Incentive for Self-Reporting Noncompliance

USDA is offering an incentive for facilities to proactively identify, report, and correct animal welfare issues. At the same time, USDA underscored that such self-reporting is voluntary.

Opposition to VA Research Restrictions Continues to Grow

On July 26, the House of Representatives approved a measure that would halt VA research with dogs even when the animals receive the same kind of anesthesia, analgesia, and post-operative care provided to pets and human patients undergoing surgery.

APS Critiques Animal Rights Report, Congressional Requests for Information

APS President Jane F. Reckelhoff challenged recent Congressional requests for an investigation of animal research at federal agencies in a letter to the head of the Government Accountability Office.


Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Preclinical Animal Research Design

Effective animal research study design symposium with speakers James Fox, DVM from MIT, Valerie Hamilton, DVM, PhD from Merck, and Tom Cheever, PhD from NIAMS.

Regulatory Burden Symposium

Animal Care and Experimentation Committee's EB 2016 symposium on common concerns about local regulation of animal research activities


Animal Research: Finding Cures, Saving Lives

Check out for our updated FAQ on animal research, the free PDF, and other helpful resources.

Resource Book for the Design of Animal Exercise Protocols

APS’s Resource Book for the Design of Animal Exercise Protocols offers suggestions for how to design, review, and implement experimental paradigms involving animals and exercise.

Animal Research Intro

Regulation of Animal Research in the U.S.

Animal research is subject to a number of layers of regulation and oversight.

Government and Other Oversight Resources

Information on animal research oversight and regulation.

Regulatory Burden