Regulatory Burden Symposium

Having Trouble with Your IACUC? Symposium

At Experimental Biology 2016, the APS Animal Care and Experimentation Committee presented a symposium to address common concerns about local regulation of animal research activities.

Regulatory compliance has become a source of frustration for many researchers, but sometimes burdensome procedures are self-imposed because of institutional policies that are not based upon regulatory requirements. This can create an environment where the IACUC becomes an adversary rather than a partner in research efforts.

Reducing regulatory burden requires a concerted effort to improve communication. It also requires a willingness to weigh the rationale behind IACUC policies and the cost of compliance to all parties—researchers, the IACUC, compliance staff, and the institution.

Symposium Presentations

  • What all PIs Should Know about Their IACUC Jeff Henegar — Medical Pharmacology & Physiology, University of Missouri Download Slides [PDF]
  • Balancing Institutional Risk and Compliance Joseph R Haywood — Pharmacology & Toxicology, Michigan State University Download Slides [PDF]
  • How Offensive Is the Offense? and Other IACUC Debates Anthony Comuzzie — Genetics, Texas Biomedical Research Institute Download Slides [PDF]
  • Ideas for Improving Animal Research Regulatory Burden Barbara Hansen — Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, University of South Florida Download Slides [PDF]


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