Statements Condemning Animal Rights Extremism
The targeting of medical researchers who use animals has been and continues to be condemned by those in the scientific community.

APS Statement Condemning Extremism and Harassment

The American Physiological Society unequivocally condemns the targeting of individuals engaged in legitimate scientific inquiry. Released July 22, 2011.

Nature Neuroscience Editorial Condemning Harassment of Nonhuman Primate Researchers

May 18, 2015 editorial titled "Inhumane Treatment of Nonhuman Primate Researchers."

AAAS Statement Against Intimidation of Scientists

Statement by the American Association for the Advancement of Science condemning acts of violence against animal researchers.

COGR Statement Condemning Acts of Violence Against Researchers

Statement by the Council on Governmental Relations on animal research (PDF).

Statement of UC Chancellors on Animal Research

Statement by the chancellors of the University of California System supporting humane animal research and condemning violence (PDF).

NIH Statement Deploring Terrorism Against Researchers

A statement issued April 17, 2009 by the Director of the National Institutes of Health condemning violence against animal researchers.

NIH Statement on Recent Terrorism at UC, Santa Cruz

Statement from the National Institutes of Health issued August 6, 2008 addressing recent attacks at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

NIH Statement on Incendiary Device at Home of UCLA Researcher

A statement from the National Institutes of Health issued February 8, 2008 on a firebombing at a UCLA Researcher's home.

NIH Statement on the Targeting of OHSU Researcher

Statement issued December 14, 2007 by NIH condemning attacks on an Oregon Health & Science University Researcher.

NIH Statement on Flooding of Home of UCLA Researcher

Statement issued November 1, 2007 by then National Institutes of Health Deputy Director for Extramural Research Dr. Norka Ruiz Bravo on the flooding of a UCLA researcher's home.