Security Concerns
Resources for addressing animal rights extremists.

APS Condemns Threats Against Researchers

The American Physiological Society condemns all acts of violence or intimidation against individuals engaged in legitimate scientific inquiries intended to advance knowledge and improve health.

NIH Preparedness Guide

Advice from NIH on how to mitigate the threat of animal rights extremists.

Symposium Explores Animal Rights Tactics, Responses

As a part of EB 2010, the ACE committee held a symposium on animal rights extremism.

Freedom of Information Act Requests

A guide developed by NABR, SfN, and FASEB on how to address Freedom of Information Act Requests.

SfN's Best Practices for Protecting Researchers and Research

The document from the Society for Neuroscience recommends a set of specific and proactive steps that research institutions can take to protect their employees, while still advancing scientific knowledge and medical progress.

NABR Crisis Management Guide

The manual was developed by the National Association for Biomedical Research to help institutions prepare for the threats posed by animal activism.

OLAW Online Seminars

The NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare offers a number of recorded online seminars including one on "Preparing for Animal Rights Extremist Activities at Your Institution" (June 12, 2008) and "Freedom of Information Act Policies" (Sept 18, 2008).

FASEB Animal Extremism Toolkit

Resources and information compiled by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology on animal rights extremism.

NIH Animal Rights Extremism Webinar

An archived webinar on preparing for animal rights extremist activities, hosted by NIH and featuring Jim Newman, the Associate Director for Media Relations in the Oregon Health & Science University Office of Strategic Communications.

Statements Condemning Animal Rights Extremism

The targeting of medical researchers who use animals is widely condemned by those in the scientific community.