Basics of Animal Research
Animal research serves a valuable role in biomedical and veterinary research and education. The vast majority of research animals are mice, rats, zebrafish, and a small worm called C. elegans. Multiple layers of oversight exist to ensure that when animal research is conducted, it is both conducted humanely and it is necessary. Follow the links below to lean more. 
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Regulation of Animal Research in the U.S.

Animal research is subject to a number of layers of regulation and oversight.

Government and Other Oversight Resources

Information on animal research oversight and regulation.

APS Position Statements on Animals in Research

The APS Guiding Principles for the Care and Use of Animals in Research and other official positions on matters related to animal research.

Who makes sure research animals are treated well?

A page from our animal research FAQ, "Animal Research: Finding Cures, Saving Lives," on animal research regulation in the United States. Find the answer to many common questions about animal research and testing at