Live Animal Labs
Because live animal physiology labs offer a unique opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of physiological processes such as the functioning of the cardiovascular system, the APS supports live animal physiology laboratories in medical and veterinary education.

The Evolving Role of Animal Laboratories in Physiology Instruction

Published in Advances in Physiology Education, this article provides historical perspective review on animal teaching laboratories in medical education, including an evaluation of the methodologies and conclusions of several studies sometimes cited by those who oppose of live animal labs.

Physiologists Support Animal Labs

Many prominent educators in the field of physiology recognize the value of animal laboratories, praising the value of these exercises for “direct experience, insight, and learning” and their “enormous educational merit and benefit.”

Letter on Live Animal Labs to Dr. Chester Gipson

A letter from APS to the Deputy Administrator for Animal Care of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Dr. Chester Gipson, concerning the educational value of animal teaching laboratories. (PDF)