APS Reproducibility Resources
See the material below for resources to help address reproducibility issues.

Reproducibility ToolBox

Resource collection handout made available during the Why Scientific Rigor Matters and Ways to Improve It Symposium [pdf]

Reproducibility Journal Club

Use this journal club activity to gain insight into the challenges of improving scientific rigor. It includes articles and sample questions recommended by speakers at the APS Reproducibility Symposium.

Professional Integrity: Best Practices for Publishing Your Research

APS Education Department's Professional Skills Training Course on Publication Ethics.

APS Advises NIH on Sex as a Biological Variable

The APS response to an NIH Request for Information (RFI, NOT-OD-14-128) on developing policies for the inclusion of sex as a biological variable in pre-clinical research studies involving animals and cells.

Reproducibility in Research Web Portal

APS's clearinghouse of resources addressing the challenges of ensuring reproducibility in research.