Placing a Phone Call

If you can’t set up a meeting, try calling the legislator’s office. When you call, ask to speak to the staff member who handles the issue you’d like to discuss. Prepare just as you would for a face to face visit, making sure you know what points you want to communicate. Phone calls are a good choice when a piece of legislation needs to be dealt with urgently. Simply registering your opinion on the issue can influence how your legislator votes.

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Before meeting with Members of Congress or their staff, get some basic facts about them and their district to help you prepare. (Hint: Start by reading the Member’s biography on his/her website.)

Meeting in Person

Meeting Senators and Representatives either in Washington or back home in the district lets you state your views and start establishing a personal relationship.

Written Communication

Sending an email is an easy and convenient way to contact Members of Congress. (Do not send letters because all Congressional mail is screened off-site and may be delayed significantly.)

Is This Considered Lobbying?

As a citizen, you have the right to make your views known to your elected representatives: Just be sure to do so on your own time!

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