Advocacy Resource Kit
Explore these resources to learn how to speak up for science.
Advocacy Tools and Tips

Getting Started

There are many ways to get started advocating for science issues. Here are some ideas.

Tips for Talking about Issues

Six points to keep in mind in any advocacy situation.

Sign up for the APS Science Policy News

A monthly bulletin for APS members about science policy issues of concern to physiologists with an emphasis on advocacy opportunities.

Building Public Support for Science

Pointers to help you hone your science communication skills.

Funding Advocacy Sites

Links to organizations with helpful research funding advocacy resources.

Government Resources

Official government websites with helpful information for a science advocate.

Science Policy Fellowships

A list of science policy fellowships offered by various scientific organizations. [PDF]

VIDEO: Science Advocacy Symposium—“How to Be a Science Advocate in Your Own Backyard”

Although scientists understand the importance of advocacy, some may not know how to get started or lack the time to initiate or undertake their own advocacy programs. This video recording of the EB 2013 symposium offers some practical advice for getting started. [QuickTime Video]

Public Outreach—A Toolkit for Investigators

Online versions and a text summary of the presentations given at the EB2012 Animal Research & Public Outreach symposium. The symposium featured insights into public outreach from a researcher, a laboratory animal veterinarian, and a media relations expert, each one experienced in standing up to animal rights tactics.