Tell Congress: Biomedical Research is Important

To increase support in Congress, the APS Office of Science Policy has prepared a model letter about the importance of biomedical research. The letter refers to a recent FASEB publication highlighting the role of biomedical research in developing drugs based upon naturally-occurring products. (See Conquering Cancer with Drugs from Nature’s Medicine Cabinet.)

We encourage you to personalize this letter with some information about your own research because it will have a greater impact that way. Follow the steps below to send this letter to your Senators and Representatives.

Summarize Your Research

Prepare a short statement about your research. You can insert this after the first sentence of the model letter. Although optional, personalization is important because it helps Members of Congress connect your request to what is going on in the district.

The basic format is this:

“I am a researcher at ___________, and in my lab we study __________ because _______.”

Since the recipients are non-scientists use simple terminology, i.e.:

“My lab studies what factors cause changes in blood pressure down since high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for the heart attack and stroke, two of the leading causes of death in this country.”
“My lab studies how the intestines absorb salt since this process is disrupted in diarrheal diseases, which are the second leading cause of death for children under 5 in the developing world as well as a growing health threat to frail elderly people everywhere.”
“My lab studies the safety of new potential drugs before they go into clinical trials so we can be sure that they do not have dangerous side effects such as causing damage to a patient’s cardiovascular system.”

Download Model Letter

Download the model letter, insert your personalization, and copy the text to your clipboard.

Find Your Senators and Representative

Find your Senators and Representatives’ websites by going to and Each site has a search box in the upper right hand corner so you can identify the elected officials who represent you and to navigate to their websites.

Go to Their Websites to Send

Find the “Contact me” option and select the email option. You will probably have to enter your home zip code to verify that you are a constituent. Copy the letter into the email message, and hit “send.”

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

If you have questions, email

Sample Letter

Research Advocacy Sample Letter

A template letter on the value of funding biomedical research for you to personalize and share with your legislators. [.doc file]