Advocacy and Outreach
APS ACE members Sarah Clayton, Gaylen Edwards, and Pascale Lane visit Capitol Hill.APSs Advocacy Center helps you to stay informed and become a science advocate.

Advocacy Resources

Getting Started

There are many ways to get started advocating for science issues. Here are some ideas.

Tips for Talking about Issues

Six points to keep in mind in any advocacy situation.

Sign up for the APS Science Policy News

A monthly bulletin for APS members about science policy issues of concern to physiologists with an emphasis on advocacy opportunities.

Supporting Resources

State & District Specific Federal Science Funding Information Factsheets

District and State factsheets created by FASEB that outline the number of institutions receiving funding, the total amount of funding, and the number of grants received from various federal funding agencies for Congressional districts.

Golden Goose Award

The Golden Goose Award recognizes scientists whose federally funded research has had significant human and economic benefits.

NIGMS's "Curiosity Creates Cures"

An explanation from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences on role played by basic research in medical discovery.

NIH Disease Updates

These NIH fact sheets outline recent medical advances and are an excellent advocacy resource.

Contacting Congress

Meeting with Your Legislators: A Checklist

Before meeting with Members of Congress or their staff, get some basic facts about them and their district to help you prepare. (Hint: Start by reading the Member’s biography on his/her website.)

Meeting in Person

Meeting Senators and Representatives either in Washington or back home in the district lets you state your views and start establishing a personal relationship.

Placing a Phone Call

If you don’t have the time to set up a meeting, you can simply call the Member’s office to state your views.

Written Communication

Sending an email is an easy and convenient way to contact Members of Congress. (Do not send letters because all Congressional mail is screened off-site and may be delayed significantly.)