APS Advocacy

APS Advocates for NIH, NSF Research

Earlier this year as Congress was working to complete fiscal year (FY) 2018 spending bills, APS helped bring attention to the need to increase biomedical research funding.

APS Members Urge Congress to Invest in Research, Regulate Sensibly

2014 coverage of the Capitol Hill visits by the Science Policy Committee and the Animal Care and Experimentation Committee in The Physiologist.

APS Committees Visit Capitol Hill

2013: The Physiologist coverage of two APS Committees' Hill Days.

Science Policy Committee Meets with NHLBI Director

2012: The APS President Sue Barman and the Science Policy Committee met with NHLBI Director Garry Gibbons Oct 2.

APS Leadership Meets with NIH Officials

2011: On October 19, APS President Joey Granger, President-elect Sue Barman, Past President Peter Wagner and Science Policy Chair John Chatham met with officials at the NIH to discuss several issues of concern to APS members.

APS Leadership Visits Capitol Hill

2011: On March 15 APS leadership met with several Congressional offices to discuss funding for biomedical research, the humane use of animals in research, and publications access.

APS Leadership Meets with NIH Officials

2010: APS leadership and Executive Director Marty Frank met with officials at the National Institutes of Health to discuss APS priorities.