APS Urges Congress to Reject Trump Plan to Cut Research Funding

On May 23, 2017, the Trump administration released its FY 2018 budget proposal calling for large cuts to research at the NIH, NSF, NASA and the VA. The APS calls on members of Congress to reject these huge and damaging cuts to research. Not only would this curtail scientific progress, it would also be devastating to our nation’s scientific enterprise and biomedical workforce.

Funding for biomedical research is a non-partisan issue. Champions in Congress from both parties have worked together for decades to foster research in the U.S. and the proposed cuts would reverse recent increases provided by leaders in Congress. We call on these champions to continue their commitment to the sciences by rejecting the administration’s proposal.

President Trump’s budget plan would:

  • Cut NIH By 21% (-$7.16 billion)1 by eliminating the Fogarty International Center, making NIH absorb the cost and function of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), and capping the indirect cost reimbursements at 10% of total research costs.2
  • Cut NSF by 10.7% (-$800 million) by reducing every major budget category including Research and Related Activities and Education and Human Resources.3
  • Reduce NASA’s overall budget by 3%, from $19.65 billion to $19.1 billion.4
  • Cut VA medical and prosthetic research by 5%, from $673 million to $640 million.5

These ill-advised cuts would threaten both the health of all Americans and the U.S. economy as a whole. Our nation depends on an educated workforce to drive innovation in both the public and private sectors. Dollars invested in scientific research fuel our economy by employing skilled workers, purchasing supplies and creating intellectual property. At a time when other nations are increasing their investments in research, the U.S. needs to maintain and grow research capacity or risk losing out in a competitive global marketplace.

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