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Why are the APS journals moving to a new platform?

Last year, APS conducted a thorough search for a platform host that offered the best fit for our content needs. In the end, Atypon's Literatum offered the best features for our journal content.

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What are the features and benefits of the new platform?

  • Simpler and more efficient management of all APS holdings for librarians
  • A special section for librarians with links to important information and resources, including access to real-time COUNTER compliant usage reports
  • Enhanced cross-platform search with filters for increased discoverability
  • More accessible linking to full-text content, with the option of a PDFPlus view (enlarged images and linked references); MathJax functionality for cleaner looking equations
  • Altmetric Attention Scores for each article that offer librarians and interested users a glimpse at where and how often articles are being discussed across various news and social media sites
  • Immediate access to accepted papers via Articles in PresS, the APS "early view" service for all 10 original research journals
  • Personalized profile area for saving favorite articles and searches as well as managing email alerts
  • and much more!

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When will the migration happen?

The projected launch date is December 7, 2017.

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How will this platform change affect my institution's access to the APS journal content?

APS's goal is to make the migration as seamless as possible with no interruption to access to APS journal content. Most customer information (IP ranges, etc.) have been transferred to Atypon from HighWire.

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Have the URLs for the APS journals changed?

Yes, the main URLs will change but we have set up permanent redirects to ensure seamless access to APS journal content.

Visit to navigate to each of the APS journals. Individual journal URLs are listed below.

AJP-Cell Physiology
AJP-Endocrinology and Metabolism
AJP-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology
AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology
AJP-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology
AJP-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology
AJP-Renal Physiology
Advances in Physiology Education
Journal of Applied Physiology
Journal of Neurophysiology
Physiological Genomics
Physiological Reviews

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Is IP-based trial access still available?

Yes. Please visit if you are interested in signing up for a free 2-month trial subscription to the online APS journals.

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How do I activate my institution's online access?

You will receive a confirmation email that contains your account information. Within this email, there is a link that will take you to the activation process. Administrators will create their own APS accounts as part of this process and are responsible for maintaining current information on their institutional accounts (Shibboleth and Open Athens). If assistance is needed, please contact APS Customer Service at or +1 (301) 634-7180.

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I can't use IP-based access. Will APS offer institutional username and password access?

If you are not able to use IP access, please contact APS Customer Service at or +1 (301) 634-7180, and we will assist you with an alternative.

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I am a new institutional subscriber, how do I activate my online access?

After completing the subscription process, you will be sent a confirmation that includes information on how to activate your access.

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I am a returning or current subscriber, how do I access my subscription?

Your subscription details will transfer over to the new website. You should not have any problems accessing the content for which you subscribe. If you are having issues with access, please contact APS Customer Service at or +1 (301) 634-7180.

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What is my customer account number?

Your account number is available in the View Subscriptions area of the admin interface. This can also be found on the institution admin Usage Reports profile page, under SUSHI Details, Your customerReference ID is:.

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How do I create an administrator username and password?

If you have an institutional subscription to the APS journals, the username and password information will be emailed to current institutional administrators. If your institution's administrator did not receive an email, please contact APS Customer Service at or +1 (301) 634-7180.

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I have forgotten my administrator username and password, how do I recover them?

On the login screen, follow the links to reset your password (below the login boxes).

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Can I change my administrator username and password?

Yes. Simply follow the links to reset your password (below the login boxes). You can change your email address (which is also your username) in the profile area.

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Can I add an additional administrator to my institutional account?

Adding an administrator will give them full administration to the institution's account. Click on Manage Administrators to add or delete administrators.

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How do I change/update the account administrator?

Within the Institutional Administration interface, you can edit your account administrator.

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Why should I register as an administrator?

The administrator role allows you to manage all settings of your institution (such as IP address, EZproxy, OpenURL, and Shibboleth) as well as access your usage reports.

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Does APS have a guide for managing my account?

The admin interface is fairly straightforward. If you need assistance, please contact APS Customer Service at or +1 (301) 634-7180 and we will send you documentation.

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How do I verify or update my email address and other account information?

You can do this through your profile once you login to the site.

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What authentication methods does APS support?

APS supports Shibboleth, Open Athens, IP authentication, and username/password.

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How do I register my link resolver?

You can manage your link resolver settings from the Reference Linking tab in the admin interface.

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What changes do I need to make to my link resolver?

None. Link resolver information has been migrated to the new platform.

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Will my search alerts and saved searches be migrated over to the new platform?

You will need to set up new saved searches. When you are logged in, conduct the search you would like to save and click on Save Search at the top of the results page.

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Will my citations be migrated over to the new platform?

You will need to set up new citation alerts. When you are logged in, go to the article page for which you want to receive alters. Go to Tools then Track Citations. The article should then show up in your list of citation alerts in your profile area.

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When will usage reports for the new platform be available?

Usage reports will be available immediately. Institutional administrators will receive an invitation to join the RedLink Network so that they can access your historical usage data.

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How do I run usage reports?

Usage reports starting with December 2017 will be available in the Institutional Administration area. Institutional administrators will receive an invitation to join the RedLink Network so that you can access your historical usage data.

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Are APS journals COUNTER compliant?

Yes, the APS journals are COUNTER compliant.

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What usage reports will the new platform offer?

All COUNTER-compliant usage reports will be available, as well as access (successful and denied) reports.

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What formats will I be able to download usage reports in?

Reports can be generated as XML, HTML, or tab-delimited text files.

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Which browsers is the new APS journal platform compatible with?

Our site will work best with the following:

  • IE11 and later
  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)

Our design is responsive, so it will adjust to the screen size of whichever device you are using.

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I am receiving an error message, what should I do?

The error message will contain instructions, with an option to contact us if you need assistance.

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How can I learn more about Atypon?

Please visit Atypon's website at to learn about the company and their vision.

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My question has not been answered, who should I contact?

Please contact APS Customer Service at or +1 (301) 634-7180.

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