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Fellows of the American Physiological Society Inaugural Class

pie chart showing APS FAPS Breakdown by Gender: 78% men and 22% women Table 1. Red represents women; blue represents men.

The APS is pleased to announce the names of the inaugural class of APS Fellows (FAPS). Fellowship is given to those individuals who have contributed significantly to the Society and to the discipline. Election to APS Fellow status not only acknowledges noteworthy scientific and professional accomplishments, but also outstanding leadership and service to the Society. The designation of Fellow is honorific and shall remain valid for the duration of APS membership.

APS members should consider advancement to Fellow status as a request to become more active in the internal affairs of the Society, including serving in a leadership capacity. To earn FAPS status, candidates must be a REGULAR and/or EMERITUS member for at least 15 continuous years postdoctoral prior to year of nomination. Each application must be accompanied by two written recommendations from current Regular or Emeritus members. When applying for Fellow status, the candidate must demonstrate that they meet four of the following six prerequisites:

  • Demonstrated society service
  • Independent grant support/funding
  • Publications
  • Administration
  • Public service
  • Teaching

Complete information about the prerequisites for membership can be found online at

The inaugural class did not have to apply for Fellow status. The Council selected the slate from those who had served APS as Presidents, Councillors, or journal editors. In addition, they elected APS members who were members of the NAS, NAE, and IOM and those who had been Cannon Lecturers. As a result, the Council approved an inaugural class of 151 members, 33 of whom were female (see Table 1). While Council believes those selected for inclusion in the inaugural class are exemplary members of the Society, it recognizes that it does not include all who are worthy of Fellow status. For that reason, the Council strongly urges all who meet the prerequisites to submit an application to become an APS Fellow (FAPS). Your application will be reviewed by a committee comprised of representatives from each APS disciplinary section.

Below are the inaugural class of Fellows.

Fellows of the American Physiological Society
Francois M. Abboud
Barbara T. Alexander
Robert J. Alpern
Kenneth M. Baldwin
Susan M. Barman
Kim E. Barrett
Emile Baulieu
Phillip Darwin Bell
Vernon S. Bishop
Edward H. Blaine
Mordecai P. Blaustein
Barbara A. Block
Floyd E. Bloom
Walter F. Boron
Ralph L. Brinster
David P. Brooks
Dennis Brown
Maurice B. Burg
Kevin P. Campbell
Hannah V. Carey
Pamela K. Carmines
Robert G. Carroll
John Charles Chatham
Shu Chien
William W. Chin
Carmine D. Clemente
Allen W. Cowley, Jr.
Douglas C. Curran-Everett
Charles A. Czeisler
William H. Dantzler
Jerome A. Dempsey
Gerald F. DiBona
Jeffrey M. Drazen
Victor J. Dzau
Douglas C. Eaton
John H. Exton
Robert E. Forster
Jeffrey J. Fredberg
Apostolos P. Georgopoulos
Gerhard H. Giebisch
Charles Douglas Gilbert
Alfred L. Goldberg
Barbara E. Goodman
D. Neil Granger
Joey P. Granger
Andrew Seth Greene
Joseph C. Greenfield
Sten E. Grillner
Roger Guillemin
David D. Gutterman
Francis J Haddy
John E. Hall
Barbara C. Hansen
Penelope A. Hansen
David R. Harder
Riitta Hari
Joseph R. Haywood
Robert L. Hester
James W. Hicks
Joseph F. Hoffman
Barbara A. Horwitz
Paul A. Insel
Leonard S. Jefferson
Leonard R. Johnson
Paul C. Johnson
Irving Gilbert Joshua
H. Ronald Kaback
Thomas R. Kleyman
Amira Klip
Franklyn G. Knox
Kevin C. Kregel
Diana L. Kunze
Lynn T Landmesser
Charles H. Lang
M. Harold Laughlin
Lisa R. Leon
Carole M. Liedtke
David J. Linden
Ida J. Llewellyn-Smith
Thomas E. Lohmeier
Joseph Loscalzo
Pauline Kay Lund
Ronald M. Lynch
Asrar B. Malik
Eve Esther Marder
Sadis Matalon
Michael A. Matthay
Lorne M. Mendell
Marilyn P. Merker
Virginia M. Miller
Gordon S. Mitchell
Harold I Modell
Patricia E. Molina
Marshall H. Montrose
Luis Gabriel Navar
Jimmy D. Neill
Judith A Neubauer
Suzanne Oparil
Rudy M. Ortiz
Charles R. Park
Pontus B. Persson
Jeffrey E. Pessin
Ulrich Pohl
David M. Pollock
Michael A. Portman
Frank L. Powell, Jr.
Thomas A Pressley
Hershel Raff
Marcus E. Raichle
Usha Raj
David J. Ramsay
Helen E. Raybould
Jane F. Reckelhoff
Harald Reuter
Willis K. Samson
Linda C. Samuelson
Jeff M. Sands
James A. Schafer
Ann M. Schreihofer
Terrence J. Sejnowski
Gordon M. Shepherd
Gerald I. Shulman
Gary C. Sieck
Curt Daniel Sigmund
Samuel C. Silverstein
Dee U. Silverthorn
Celia D. Sladek
Louis Sokoloff
Irene C. Solomon
George N. Somero
Harvey V. Sparks
Peter L. Strick
Alan F. Sved
William T. Talman
Aubrey E. Taylor
Charles M. Tipton
Richard J. Traystman
Heinz Valtin
Peter D. Wagner
Thomas A Waldmann
Michael J. Welsh
John B. West
John A. Williams
Phyllis M. Wise
Robert H Wurtz
J. Michael Wyss
Tadataka Yamada
Masashi Yanagisawa
Bill J. Yates
F. Eugene Yates
Irving H. Zucker