Procedure for Inviting Reviews
The Editorial Board of PRV meets once per year to propose ideas for new review topics. Names of appropriate authors – all leaders in the field covered by the suggested review - are discussed, and if accepted, they are invited to submit an in-depth review of the sort that we have come to expect in the pages of PRV. The manuscript screening process is carried out by the inviting editor in conjunction with other expert referees in the area covered. In parallel, PRV also has a European Editor, Professor Ole Petersen, University of Liverpool, UK, who also holds a meeting of the European Board once per year to invite reviews from many other corners of the World. The USA and European Editors interact closely to coordinate the invitation process, to ensure adequate coverage of a wide area of physiological endeavor, and to avoid overlap in subject matter. While these decisions to invite are taken once per year by each board, we do receive a certain number of unsolicited review suggestions throughout the year. These are, however, usually held over until the next scheduled board meeting, where they are discussed along with the other suggestions by the entire board. Only in very special circumstances will a non-solicited review be accepted for publication outside of this established procedure.