Editor's Message
As I enter my second term as Editor-in-Chief, Physiological Reviews continues to be one of the most cited biomedical journals in the World. It is unique in providing complete, definitive and authoritative reviews on many aspects of physiology that continue to be much sought after, read and highly-cited in a universe that is now dominated by mini-reviews and sound bites. But we cannot be complacent. We have worked with outstanding APS staff in the publications department to redesign the journal and give it a cleaner, more modern look. All figures can appear in color in the online version, regardless of “scientific necessity” and the front covers have been cleaned up and simplified. To broaden the outreach and appeal of our reviews, we stress to our contributing authors the need to integrate basic physiology into the pathophysiology of human disease processes whenever and wherever possible. In this way, we hope to cross the translational bridge in a way that will broaden the impact of Physiological Reviews in both the basic and clinical research arenas. Finally, Physiological Reviews is also unique in having two editorial boards, one USA-based and one European-based which, together with specific society and country representatives, gives the journal a real international outreach. The combined expertise of our board members allows the journal to keep up to date with high impact science throughout the World, and to solicit reviews from International leaders in the physiology community. I thank all board members and APS staff for their continuing efforts that allow Physiological Reviews to maintain its place as the highest ranking Physiology journal on the planet.