Physiology in Medicine

Physiology in Medicine (PIM) appeared as a bimonthly series of articles published jointly by APS and Annals of Internal Medicine. It was published in Annals through 2010 and is made freely available online by the APS through the links below. The aim of this series is to provide practicing MDs and/or researchers an up-to-date physiological understanding of disease with the proper application of new molecular models and tools. Articles published in this series are intended to provide a thoughtful and lucid linkage of science to the patient.

[Note: as of 2011, the APS Publications Committee has launched an initiative to continue the series. Future PIM articles will be published in the various APS journals, with each journal soliciting PIM articles in their area of focus. See the Instructions for Authors for submission guidelines.]

List of Physiology in Medicine articles

Narrative Review: Harnessing Molecular Genetics for the Diagnosis and Management of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Wang L, Seidman JG, Seidman CE. Ann Intern Med 152: 513-520, 2010.

Narrative Review: Thrombocytosis, Polycythemia Vera, and JAK2 Mutations: The Phenotypic Mimicry of Chronic Myeloproliferation

Spivak JL. Ann Intern Med 152: 513-520, 2010.

Narrative Review: The Role of Th2 Immune Pathway Modulation in the Treatment of Severe Asthma and Its Phenotypes

Levine SJ, Wenzel SE. Ann Intern Med 152: 232-237, 2010.

Narrative Review: Fibrotic Diseases: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms and Novel Therapies

Rosenbloom J, Castro SV, Jimenez SA. Ann Intern Med 152: 159-166, 2010

Narrative Review: The Emerging Clinical Implications of the Role of

Sowers JR, Whaley-Connell A, Epstein M. Ann Intern Med 150: 776-783, 2009

Narrative Review: Evolving Concepts in Potassium Homeostasis and Hypokalemia

Greenlee M, Wingo CS, McDonough AA, Youn J-H, Kone BC. Ann Intern Med 150: 619-625, 2009

Narrative Review: Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Vetter ML, Cardillo S, Rickels MR, Iqbal N. Ann Intern Med 150: 94-103, 2009

Narrative Review: Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria: The Physiology of Complement-Related Hemolytic Anemia

Brodsky RA. Ann Intern Med 148: 587-595, 2008

Narrative Review: The Enigma of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: New Insights from Genetic Studies

Newman JH, Phillips JA III, Loyd JE. Ann Intern Med 148: 278-283, 2008

Narrative Review: Fabry Disease

Clarke JTR. Ann Intern Med 146: 425-433, 2007

Narrative Review: Protein Degradation and Human Diseases: The Ubiquitin Connection

Reinstein E, Ciechanover A. Ann Intern Med 145: 676-684, 2006

Pathophysiology of Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Theos A, Korf BR. Ann Intern Med 144: 842-849, 2006

Adiposity of the Heart, Revisited

McGavock JM, Victor RG, Unger RH, Szczepaniak LS. Ann Intern Med 144: 517-524, 2006

Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

Sands JM, Bichet DG. Ann Intern Med 144:186-194, 2006

New Concepts in the Pathophysiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Bamias G, Nyce MR, De La Rue SA, Cominelli F. Ann Intern Med 143: 895-904, 2005.

Pathogenesis of Early Lung Disease in Cystic Fibrosis: A Window of Opportunity To Eradicate Bacteria

Starner TD, McCray PB Jr. Ann Intern Med 143: 816-822, 2005

Pathogenesis of Gout

Choi HK, Mount DB, Reginato AM. Ann Intern Med 143: 499-516, 2005

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Caples SM, Gami AS, Somers VK. Ann Intern Med 142: 187-197, 2005

The Physiologic Basis of High-Altitude Diseases

West JB. Ann Intern Med 141:789-800, 2004

The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Piantadosi CA, Schwartz DA. Ann Intern Med 141: 460-470, 2004

Alzheimer Disease: Mechanistic Understanding Predicts Novel Therapies

Selkoe DJ. Ann Intern Med 140: 627-638, 2004

Pain: Moving from Symptom Control toward Mechanism-Specific Pharmacologic Management

Woolf CJ. Ann Intern Med 140: 441-451, 2004

Following the Molecular Pathways toward an Understanding of the Pathogenesis of Systemic Sclerosis

Jimenez SA, Derk CT. Ann Intern Med 140: 37-50, 2004

Pathogenesis of Hypertension

Oparil S, Zaman MA, Calhoun DA. Ann Intern Med 139: 761-776, 2003

How Do Corticosteroids Work in Asthma?

Barnes PJ, Adcock IM. Ann Intern Med 139: 359-370, 2003

The Thermogenic Effect of Thyroid Hormone and Its Clinical Implications

Silva JE. Ann Intern Med 139: 205-213, 2003

A Physiologic Approach to Diagnosis of the Cushing Syndrome

Raff H, Findling JW. Ann Intern Med 138: 980-991, 2003

Malignant Glioma Physiology: Cellular Response to Hypoxia and Its Role in Tumor Progression

Brat DJ, Mapstone TB. Ann Intern Med 138: 659-669, 2003