eLife Lens

What Is Lens?

Lens is an HTML-based viewing option that helps improve the online readability of journal articles by separating out parts of the article (e.g., references, figures, and author information) and displaying these side by side with the main text. This enables the reader to see the full citation details of a reference, or view a table, without having to scroll up and down and lose their place in the text. Lens allows readers to look more effortlessly for mentions of a particular figure or reference in the text.

Lens was developed by eLife, and you can see it in action on their site (for example: http://elifesciences.org/content/3/e03626).

The APS offers this functionality for the Journal of Neurophysiology and AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology. We hope you will try it out, and if you have positive or negative feedback, please email us at Lens-feedback@the-aps.org.

Using Lens: A Quick Guide

To view an article in Lens, simply click the red button in the right sidebar.

This will take you directly to the Content tab, which shows the article on the left and a linked Table of Contents on the right.

The icons in the middle  allow you to change what appears in the right-hand column. Clicking on a reference or figure/table citation in the text also does this. Also notice the colored bars in the left scroll bar. These bars will indicate where a particular citation appears in the article.

By clicking on the “eye” next to a figure, table, or reference, you can see where in the text that element appears.

The two arrows next to the eye will take you to a larger view of the figure or table. Clicking the arrows again takes you back to the two-column view.