Editor's Message

First, I would like to thank Tom Kleyman and his Associate Editors for the outstanding work they have done over the last 6 years. We hope to build on their success to make our journal even better and continue to publish the very best papers in renal research.

We have an exciting new group of Associate Editors that are now hard at work assigning manuscripts and have been delighted in the number of manuscripts that have been submitted so far in July.  We have also assembled a vibrant editorial board, including members in Asia and Europe, who have been charged with providing concise and timely reviews of your papers. Please keep submitting your best work to AJP - Renal Physiology.

There are now four Calls For Papers that will run from July to the end of the year, and so far the number of papers that have been submitted for these Calls for Papers has been impressive. We will expedite the review of these manuscripts and hope to have a number of papers published in each of these categories. At the of the year, the plans are to have a review article that will summarize the papers that have been published in each Call for Papers category. There have also been a number of suggestions for reviews, and we encourage all of you to consider writing a review, or nominating others to write reviews, or suggesting topics that you would like to see covered.

Associate Editor Anita Layton and Managing Editor Amy McEver have created a Facebook page for our journal at https://www.facebook.com/AJPRenal. Please like our homepage, log in often, and we hope that it will be a venue for information, conversation, and to help connect the renal community. We are continuing podcasts and Editorial Focus articles on selected papers.

As always, please send us your suggestions on how to improve our journal. We are committed to making AJP - Renal Physiology the top in renal research!