Editor's Message

A Warm Welcome to Our Authors and Reviewers:

On behalf of the entire editorial team, please let me start by conveying my sincere gratitude to all of our many authors and reviewers who have submitted papers and/or provided valuable service as a reviewer for AJP–Endocrinology & Metabolism. Our editorial board and the many ad hoc reviewers have spent countless hours reviewing manuscripts for the Journal over the past year, and we continue to excel as a direct result of your efforts.  I will try to be brief, but this is a particularly exciting time, and I thought you might appreciate an update on the “State of the Journal.”

Strengths and Opportunities:

  • First, and foremost, AJP-Endo continues to perform exceptionally well. The new impact factors were released several weeks ago, and the table below provides a comparison of AJP –Endo and some competing journals. It is particularly noteworthy that we compare highly favorably with Endocrinology, Molecular Endocrinology, BJ, and JBC.  We are also the highest ranked of any of the AJP research journals. Although the impact factor will not drive our editorial decisions, clearly our goal for the immediate future is to publish the highest quality research and increase our impact factor to above 5.0. Please remember to cite all relevant AJP –Endo papers in your publications. The decision to submit your best research to AJP –Endo is now easier than ever!


Journal Impact Factors



AJP-Endocrinology and Metabolism



Biochemical Journal












J Biological Chemistry



J Cellular Biochemistry



J Cellular Physiology



J Nutrition



J Physiology






Molecular Endocrinology



  • Each AJP journal selects its “Star Reviewers” for the year, based on the number of manuscripts reviewed, timeliness of review, and consistent willingness to accept invitations to review.  We are very proud to recognize the accomplishments of Drs. Philip Bilan, William Festuccia, and Gregory Cartee, who were selected as the AJP-Endo Star Reviewers for 2011.
  • Approximately 40% of our Board members accepted the invitation to review manuscripts 100% of the time, and another 20% of our members accepted the invitation at least 75% of the time.  In this day of overscheduling and increased responsibilities, this is truly an exceptional achievement for which the Associate Editors and I are very thankful.
  • Rejection rate for the past year has hovered between 65-70%, which is the second highest of the AJP journals
  • We have increased our use of the “expedited review” process, whereby Associate Editors screen and reject the weakest 10-15% of submitted manuscripts without sending them out for full peer review. This is a process now conducted by many top journals and not only lessens the review burden but also provides a rapid (3-4 days) disposition of manuscripts which are best submitted to another journal.
  • We have added a new section called “Editor’s Choice” on the Journal website, where three to four articles are highlighted and the entire scientific community is provided open access to the article for a period of one month.
  • Maureen Gannon, PhD (Vanderbilt), has joined us as a new Associate Editor. She is replacing outgoing Associate Editor Patricia Brubaker, PhD, who has been a valued member of our team for 6 years.

Challenges Ahead:

  • Everyone now is overcommitted, but it remains our goal to provide an editorial decision in less than 21 days from time of first submission. We have been below this time frame for the past four years and will continue to strive for a rapid and fair review
  • While the number of submitted manuscript has remained relatively unchanged from last year, there is a general downward trend for many journals.  I am asking for your help to increase the number of high-quality manuscripts submitted.  First, when attending scientific meetings, please be an advocate for the Journal and identify and talk with potential authors about submitting their original research to AJP-Endo. Your advocacy for the Journal is valued and needed. I encourage anyone who has not submitted a paper to our Journal in the past year to give this option serious consideration.

Let me close by again offering my sincere thanks for everyone’s support of the of the Journal during the past year and by extending my best for your future research endeavors.

With regards,

Charles H. Lang, PhD
Editor, AJP-Endo