AJP-Cell Announces New Editorial Advisory Board Members

AJP-Cell Physiology welcomes the following new Editorial Advisory Board members for July 1, 2016:

Judy Anderson, University of Manitoba, Canada  (Myogenesis, muscle regeneration, muscular dystrophy, age-related atrophy, satellite cell activation)
Deborah Baines, St. George’s, University of London, UK  (Ion transport, lung epithelium, airway surface fluid, lung fluid homeostasis, glucose transport, airway inflammation)
Jerod Denton, Vanderbilt University, USA  (Ion channels, drug discovery, electrophysiology, inward rectifier, Kir channels)
Janos Filep, University of Montreal, Canada  (Leukocyte biology, Neutrophil biology, Endothelial cell biology, Inflammation, Innate immunity, Vascular immunity, Sepsis)
Amy Firth, University of Southern California, USA
(Stem cells, regenerative medicine, lung iology, cystic fibrosis, ciliogenesis, gene editing, cell therapy) 
Craig Goodman, Victoria University, Australia (Skeletal muscle Physiology/Biochemistry, protein synthesis and degradation, muscle hypertrophy, muscle atrophy and wasting, metabolism)
Andrew Judge, University of Florida, USA  (Skeletal muscle function, physiology and oxidative stress, antioxidants, exercise)
Johanna Montgomery, University of Auckland, New Zealand (Synapse plasticity, AMPA receptors, NMDA receptors, Post synaptic density, Shank Autism spectrum disorders)

Mark Parker, SUNY at Buffalo, USA (Acid-base, acidosis, cornea, kidney electrophysiology, Xenopus oocytes)
Russ Price, Emory University, USA  (Skeletal muscle, proteasome, protein degradation, protein and amino acid catabolism in muscle)