Policy on Posting to Preprint Servers Prior to Submission to APS Journals

Submissions of original research manuscripts to APS journals for peer review, which have been previously posted to a not for profit preprint server (such as, ArXiv or bioRxiv) is permitted, if in accordance with the following criteria and conditions:

  1. Authors must retain the copyright to their manuscript (“Work”) submitted to a preprint server, which can then be transferred to the APS if it or a version of it is accepted by an APS journal. 

  2. Each version of the Work must be issued a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) by the preprint server (see “Reporting Preprints and Other Interim Research Products” - https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-17-050.html), which also provides a definition of a “preprint”

  3. Authors  should disclose in their cover letter (a) whether their  manuscript has been posted to a preprint server, (b) to identify the preprint server and the DOI or DOIs associated with the Work

  4. Once a Work has been submitted to an APS journal (a) no version of it may be posted to preprint servers while it is under consideration by the journal, including during revision, resubmission, following acceptance or transfer by the author to Physiological Reports.

  5. If the Work receives a final reject decision or if you formally notify the journal that you wish to withdraw it from editorial consideration, the restriction (point 4, above) is then lifted.

  6. Additional manuscript versions of articles published by the APS may not be posted to preprint servers or elsewhere, unless the article is published under an open access CC BY license - see: AuthorChoice (http://www.the-aps.org/mm/Publications/Info-For-Authors/Open-Access). Authors must notify the preprint server of publication. 

APS journals acknowledge the right but not the obligation to consider during the peer review process the comments previously made on manuscripts posted to preprint servers.

See also: Prior Publication