Permission Request Procedures

The American Physiological Society works in partnership with the Copyright Clearance Center‘s RightsLink™ service to meet the needs of authors and organizations to reproduce previously published material. Permissions must be sought for the reuse of articles, figures, tables, images, abstracts, and data from published works for use in books, journal articles, newsletters, newspapers, CME training materials, intranets, websites, presentations, photocopies and coursepacks. Permission fees and other charges will be calculated on the basis of intended use, number of reproductions and other factors, and a license for reuse will be issued. Prior to requesting permission for reuse of APS materials, please verify that APS is the copyright holder. A figure or table caption will indicate if copyright is held by another entity. 

To request reuse of works from APS journals:

Please follow the steps below:

  • You can access the APS journals at Locate the article online that contains the content for which you are seeking permission, using the issue table of contents for the article you are interested in.
  • Under "Tools" click "Get Permissions" to open RightsLink.  The following page will be launched:

  • Log in to your existing account or create and account for payment.
  • Select the description of how you will use the content from the drop-down menus as they appear until you get to the "Quick Price" and then continue as directed.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of your permission grant (one click).  You will receive an email providing you with an order confirmation and license details.

RightsLink will issue a printable license of your request, which is your official confirmation of granted permission for reuse of APS published material. For questions about using the RightsLink service, please contact Customer Service via phone 877-622-5543 (toll free) or 978-777-9929, or email

For permissions for reuse of materials from APS books, or to request reprints of articles, please contact

Organizations Requesting Permission to Reuse the Work of Others for Educational Purposes

APS grants permission for free use of our articles (in whole or in part) in educational materials, provided:

  • there is no charge or fee for those materials, and/or
  • those materials are not directly or indirectly commercially supported.

If a fee is charged or the materials are commercially supported, a fee will be assessed when permission is granted.

Translations of APS Articles

Translations of APS articles into another language, whether in whole or in part (text, figure, table, or any piece of a copyrighted APS work) are considered reuse and are subject to all the requirements listed above.