Peer Review Policy

Manuscripts are referred critically by two or more reviewers. Acceptance of manuscripts is based on scientific content and presentation of the material; membership in the Society is not a prerequisite for publication. The Editor/Associate Editor selects the reviewers, corresponds with the author, and makes the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.

Manuscripts currently under peer review with a journal (APS or otherwise) may not be submitted to another journal; the manuscript must be officially withdrawn from the first journal (APS or otherwise) before it may be submitted to another journal.

If a manuscript is submitted by an Editor of the Journal, another Editor handles that manuscript. The APS Peer Review office helps ensure confidentiality by blinding user records in the system to be used for this purpose.

If an article is accepted by the Editor, it will be processed by the Peer Review Department, and the files that were accepted will be the files that are used for production, subject to the discretion of the APS staff (regarding quality and composition of materials); for any outstanding issues that may arise during the quality control step, authors are required to resolve these before the article is moved into production. When the quality and composition of the manuscript materials are deemed satisfactory by the APS production team, the manuscript files will be moved to production. Once an article is in production, it will be posted to the APS "early view" site ("Articles in PresS") in manuscript form (excluding Letters to the Editor), and the manuscript files will be moved to the Editorial department for production in final PDF format, according to the standard style of the respective journal, to be included in the next possible issue release.