Data Supplements

Video and audio files, long data sets, and similarly cumbersome material that cannot be feasibly published in the standard house style of the journals may be submitted for inclusion in the online journal (without charge to the author) as supplemental material. Such material must be submitted for peer review along with the manuscript and must meet the approval of the journal Editor. For all supplemental materials, authors should include a caption for each file, explaining the purpose and content of the file.

Material that can be set into an article in standard APS house style, such as figures, tables, text (such as methods or results), equations, and other material that can be easily copyedited and typeset into our final-published PDF page, may NOT be submitted as supplemental data. Such material must be incorporated into the article as standard figures or tables or labeled "supporting information" for submission and review purposes only and not for final publication.

See Links to Data from Article for instructions for provision of links from an author’s manuscript to non-peer reviewed data on an author's institutional website.

Questions regarding data supplements may be directed to the Digital Publications Coordinator.

For microarray data deposits, see see Data Repositories.


Authors are responsible for compiling their own digital audio or video. Each file should be no more than 10 megs in size. Authors may be required to resubmit video files with shorter running time, smaller frame size, or lower resolution in order to conform to the recommended file size.

Contact the Digital Publications Coordinator for further assistance or questions.

Long Data Sets

Long data sets should be submitted in Microsoft Excel or in Microsoft Word table format. Authors should include a title and legend explaining the content and purpose of each data set.