The APS Journals are copyrighted for the protection of authors and the Society. The Mandatory Submission Form serves as the Society's official copyright transfer form.

Rights of Authors of APS Articles

  • For educational purposes only:
    • Authors may republish parts of their final-published version articles (e.g., figures, tables), without charge and without requesting permission, provided that full acknowledgement of the source is given in the new work.
    • Authors may use their articles (in whole or in part) for presentations (e.g., at meetings and conferences). These presentations may be reproduced on any type of media in materials arising from the meeting or conference such as the proceedings of a meeting or conference. A copyright fee will apply if there is a charge to the user or if the materials arising are directly or indirectly commercially supported.
  • Posting of the accepted or final version of articles or parts of articles is restricted and subject to the conditions below:
    • Theses and dissertations. APS permits whole published articles to be reproduced without charge in dissertations and posted to thesis repositories. Full citation is required. 
    • Open courseware. Articles, or parts of articles, may be posted to a public access courseware website. Permission must be requested from the APS. A copyright fee will apply during the first 12 months of the article’s publication by the APS. Full citation is required.
    • Websites. Authors may not post a PDF of the accepted or final version of their published article on any website including social and research networking platforms; instead, links may be posted to the article on the APS journal website (see exception to authors’ own institution’s repository, as note below).
    • Institutional repositories (non-theses). Authors may deposit their accepted, peer-reviewed manuscripts into an institutional repository providing:
      • the APS retains copyright to the article1
      • a 12 month embargo period from the date of final publication of the article is observed by the institutional repository and the author
      • a link to the published article on the APS website is prominently displayed with the article in the institutional repository
      • the article is not used for commercial purposes
      • Self-archived articles posted to repositories are without warranty of any kind

      1Unless it is published under the APS AuthorChoice open access option, which allows for immediate public access under a Creative Commons license (CC BY)

      (See also the APS Policy on Depositing Articles in PMC.)