How Your Membership Supports the Field

Without physiology, the value of any new discovery is extremely limited. The future of the discipline relies on a unified voice to champion for science.
Be a part of that voice and join APS today!

Your membership helps APS fund a broader mission of supporting, developing and expanding the discipline of physiology. Not only are you benefiting from the individual perks of becoming a member, but you are furthering science and helping fund critical research.

  • Peer-reviewed publications support education and the advancement of physiological research, which has formed the basis for many biomedical advances
  • Travel awards assist trainees in attending the APS Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology encouraging the pursuit of professional careers in the physiological/biomedical sciences
  • Resources available for education and networking opportunities
  • Online resources support career paths as well as year round dialogue and communication

  • International awards recognize and promote excellence in the field
  • Chapters in 16 regions promote collaboration, networking and education
  • Collaborations with national and international societies and organizations support the field through programs and strategic partnerships

  • APS is a founding member of The Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA) promoting awareness and support of Society-sponsored journals
  • Engages local and national policymakers and scientific leaders to push for scientific funding as well as responsible animal research
  • Sponsors which offers accurate basic facts about physiology and hot topics in the field to the public
  • Participates in Capitol Hill Day to further push for the necessary funding of scientific research


  If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the
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