Lawrence D. Longo

In Memoriam: Lawrence D. Longo, MD (1926 – 2016) 

With deep sadness we share with you that Lawrence D. Longo, MD, passed away 5 January 2016.

Dr. Longo, a distinguished Professor of Physiology, and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Loma Linda University, was internationally recognized in the field of fetal and neonatal physiology as a pioneer investigator, mentor, teacher, missionary, innovator, medical historian, and ambassador of academic scholarship. Among his many significant accomplishments he authored more than 350 scientific papers, and edited or authored 20 books.

Graduating from Pacific Union College, and then the College of Medical Evangelists (now Loma Linda University School of Medicine) in 1954, Dr. Longo had an illustrious career. Over the past five decades he compiled an impressive record in research and academic leadership. He established the Center for Perinatal Biology at Loma Linda University, built it into one of the world’s leading research groups in the field of developmental physiology, and served as its founding Director from 1973 to 2012. His research has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies since 1964.

Dr. Longo was President of both the Society for Gynecologic Investigation (1982-1983) and the American Osler Society (2002-2003). In 1987, Dr. Longo prepared the original grant application for the Reproductive Scientist Development Program, which was first funded in 1988 by the National Institutes of Health. He served as Director and Co-Director of this program until 2013.

His life was an extraordinary example of dedication and perseverance.  He will be greatly missed.