George Cooper IV

George Cooper IV

George Cooper IV, MD (1942-2012)

Dr. Cooper, a fellow and member of APS since 1979, died peacefully at home on April 28, 2012. He received his MD from Cornell University and additional training at Case Western Reserve University and the Mayo Clinic.  Following a fellowship at Duke University and research at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, he began his academic career at the University of Iowa.  Subsequently, he became the Director of Basic Research at Temple University and moved to the Medical University of South Carolina, where is served as Professor of Medicine and Physiology and Chief of Cardiology at the VA Medical Center.  In 1994 he was appointed Director of the Gazes Cardiac Research Institute. 

His research was characterized by innovation and was focused on cardiac muscle contractility, loading conditions and energetics.  George explored the cardiomyocyte cytoskeleton and its role in overload and in 1993 published a seminal paper in Science.  He received two prestigious awards: the Louis Katz Basic Science Research Prize from the American Heart Association and the APS CVS Wiggers Award.  His research continued to the end of his life, despite his battle with cancer.  Only a year ago he received a new NIH research grant.  George always had time for young scientists and provided encouragement for them as well as for his colleagues.  He was both a man of ideas and compassion.

George Cooper is survived by his wife Elizabeth, four sons and two sisters.  Memorials may be made to Gazes Cardiac Research Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina or to St. Michaels Episcopal Church, 71 Broad Street, Charleston SC 29401.

Robert J. Tomanek, Ph.D.
University of Iowa