Arthur Loewy
Arthur DeCosta Loewy

Arthur DeCosta Loewy passed away on December 2, 2017. Arthur was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He earned a PhD in Anatomy from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. After starting at the Mayo Clinic, he spent the last 42 years as a Professor of Neuroscience at Washington University Medical School. He loved being a research scientist. His most notable accomplishment was discovering the anatomical basis of the fight or flight response. He did extensive research on brain functions, blood pressure, and sodium regulation. He published over 100 papers and mentored scores of medical students. Arthur bravely dealt with numerous health issues during his life. The family would like to thank Drs. David Alpers, Alan Braverman, Don Skor and Patrick White for their care. A loving family man, Arthur was preceded in death by his wife, Arleen Loewy. He is survived by his son, Adam Loewy, his daughter-in-law Phil Loewy and his grandson Clayton Loewy of Austin, Texas; his long-term girlfriend Karen Frahm; and his daughter-in-law's loving parents Christy Twin and Larry Rudolph. 

Published in St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Dec. 5, 2017