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Living History � Felix Bronner


00:02:08 How did you get into this career? What was your interest?

00:04:15 So you were really on the cutting edge of calcium metabolism research?

00:07:01 So again you were one of the first to realize there was a connection between calcium and bone loss.

00:10:59 Now how did you end up with that French [Dr. Danielle Pansu]?

00:14:52 Now why was that [the regulation of plasma calcium] so important at the time?

00:16:54 And that [analyzing the importance of the channel and transport protein called calcium-binding protein] was done while you were at the University of Connecticut?

00:20:39 So you�ve talked about a number of your findings over the years. Can you highlight jut one that you think really was the major accomplishment or do you not even like to categorize like that?

00:25:28 Now obviously you�ve written a lot about your findings and articles and publications � 121 publications you have done over the years; 79 book chapters; your were an editor for like  58 different books; so tell us about it. Do you like that part of your job?

00:29:06 Now you mentioned the Gordon Conference Earlier and you really felt that was an integral part of your career, that that really launched you to organizing other talks and seminars that really was a boost to your career.

00:34:56 Now you�ve got a ton of honors and distinctions that you�ve won over the years. Any highlights? Any ones that you want to mention?

00:39:07 Lets switch gears a little bit and talk about your person life, your background. You were born in Vienna, Austria?

00:41:21 And where were your parents at this point? [while he was in college in America]

00:44:30 What kind of impact do you think that background had on your career? I know you were saying that your parents initially wanted you to go into chemistry?

00:45:46 And you�ve had an interesting second career as an artist. You love to paint. Tell us about that.

00:47:06 What do you get out of it [painting]? Why do your enjoy it so much do you think?

00:49:06 How would you describe your art?

00:49:58 So do you ever envision yourself not painting anymore? Just like your career here at the University of Connecticut?

00:50:24 How often do you come here, I mean you�re dean emeritus but you�re still here.

00:51:01 So for the younger people, younger scientist watching this, I�m sure they all want to know how you keep that excitement and interest and what advice you would have for them.

00:54:26 So you�re still optimistic?