Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Student Membership

Undergraduate Student Membership is open to any matriculated undergraduate student, as demonstrated by submission of verification of student status, who has an interest in physiology. Applications for Undergraduate Student Membership require proof of matriculation in an accredited degree program (either through the submission of student transcripts or letter from Registrar’s Office).

Undergraduate Student Membership is limited to five years or upon receipt of the undergraduate degree, whichever is sooner. Membership dues are $10 for the first year and $25 each subsequent year, not to exceed 5 years.  

Rights and privileges for Undergraduate Student Members are as follows:

1. Access to FASEB resources and programs including advocacy and career resources.

2. Free online access to the current and legacy content of all 15 APS research journals — a savings of over $2,000!

3. Discounted registration at APS Conferences and Experimental Biology.

4. Eligibility for APS undergraduate awards.

5. Discounted registration at APS Professional Skills Training courses.

6. Amplified voice on Capitol Hill through FASEB's advocacy.

7. Free Online Will Maker through FreeWill.

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