Graduate Student

Graduate Student Membership

Graduate Student Membership is open to any student working toward a terminal degree in physiology or related field and who is actively engaged in physiological work. Graduate Student Membership is limited to five years or upon receipt of the terminal degree, whichever is sooner.

Graduate Student Membership dues are $20 for the first year and $35 each subsequent year, not to exceed 5 years. When a Graduate Student Member transitions to Regular Membership the first year of Regular membership dues are waived. Additionally, Regular Members who are postdoctoral fellows (up to 5 years post doctorate) receive a 50% discount off their annual dues.

Rights and privileges for Graduate Student Members are as follows:

1. Access to FASEB resources and programs including advocacy and career resources.

2. Free online access to the current and legacy content of all 15 APS research journals — a savings of over $2,000!

3. Free necessary color figures if the Graduate Student Member is first or last author on a paper published in an APS Journal — a savings of $400!

4. Interactive Legislative Action Center that provides information resources on research funding, animal welfare legislation, etc.

5. Discounted registration at APS Conferences and Annual Experimental Biology Meeting — a savings of up to $100!

6. Inclusion in the online FASEB Directory of Members

7. Eligibility for over 25 Student Awards — average award is $500!

8. Free print subscriptions to The Physiologist, Physiology and Advances in Physiology Education.

9. Discounted rates APS scholarly books.

10. Opportunities to participate in FASEB activities and governance.

11. Amplified voice on Capital Hill through FASEB's advocacy.

12. Free Online Will Maker through FreeWill.

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