Emeritus Membership

Emeritus membership is open to individuals who have reached the age of 65 and are retired from regular employment and have been members in good-standing for 10 or more year; or have been forced to retire due to illness or disability. Members in this category receive all privileges and benefits of membership, except they may not vote or hold elected office and they do not receive free color figure publishing in APS journals. Emeritus members pay no membership fees.

1. Serve on selected Society committees (except Education, Finance, Membership, Joint Program, and Publications), boards, and task forces.

2. Free online access to the APS Journal Legacy Content (This legacy content is an "online package" of over 100 years of historical scientific research from APS's 15 research journals)

3. Have access to the FASEB Online Membership Directory.

4. Receive The Physiologist and Advances in Physiology Education.

5. Receive access to all APS Online journals.

6. Access to FASEB resources and programs including advocacy and career resources.

7. Opportunities to participate in FASEB activities and governance.

8. Amplified voice on Capital Hill through FASEB's advocacy.

9. Free Online Will Maker through FreeWill.

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