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At the undergraduate level, APS programs and fellowships encourage excellence in physiology education and the development of young scientists. Programs and activities are available for students and faculty and resources for undergraduate education and career exploration are provided. Use the navigation at left to access information on these topics:

  • Student Awards/Events: APS provides fellowships for undergraduate student research experiences and travel to scientific meetings as well as awards for excellence in physiology research.
  • Student Career Resources: Challenging and exciting careers don’t just happen. They require planning and research as well as hard work. Get a jump start on your future by using the career planning resources linked at the APS Career web.
  • Student Homework Help: Looking for help in understanding physiology concepts? Check out these links to helpful resources online, including digital libraries of science resources, scientific societies, and science content updates.
  • Faculty Awards/Fellowships: APS and its 12 Sections sponsor numerous awards for members, including awards for excellence in research, teaching, mentoring, and professional development.
  • Faculty Development: APS is involved in developing resources and materials for undergraduate faculty development both through its own programs and in collaboration with other organizations.
  • Education Projects: In collaboration with numerous organizations and institutions, the APS develops innovative projects to support and promote excellence in science education, physiology research, and career development. These include undergraduate research projects, faculty professional development programs and curriculum development projects. The projects are sponsored by APS with additional support from federal agencies and private funders.
  • Learning Resources: APS has developed extensive resources for undergraduate education that can help educators and students to increase their knowledge of physiology, enhance their pedagogy and course content, and advance their teaching careers.
  • Outreach Opportunities: APS encourages its members to participate in K-12 outreach. This section provides links to the APS Physiology Understanding Week program and LifeSciTRC of Teaching Resources which have extensive outreach resources.
  • Web Links: APS is pleased to provide links to other organizations with resources and programs to support undergraduate education, faculty, and students.