Selecting Your Research Host

Applicants must work with an APS member to prepare the fellowship application. Students are encouraged to review the list of APS members (see below) who are interested in hosting an undergraduate student for the summer.


However, any APS member in good standing can serve as a research host.


If you already have located a research host to work with who is not an APS member, that person must join APS by the time of application submission to be eligible.


Physiology is the study of life processes - how living things work - and is the foundation of medicine. APS has over 11,000 members, working in colleges, universities, medical and other professional schools, government agencies, and the military. They do research on a wide variety of biomedical and biological topics, using both animal and human models.


Read about physiology and physiologists and what they do at our Undergraduate Careers web. Be sure to check out the Meet-a-Physiologist section.



Career Web for Undergraduates

Website with information on careers in science and physiology, graduate school, and other issues of interest to undergraduates.

Host Application Instructions

Follow these instructions to complete the research host portion of the application.

Journals of the APS

Learn more about APS journals and review published research.

Meet a Physiologist

Links to biographies of APS members who have a wide range of careers.

Research Host Contact List (XLS)

List of researchers interested in either serving as a research host or helping find a research host in their department.

Research Host Signup

Add your name to the list of APS members willing to serve as a research host for undergraduate summer research fellowship applicants or middle/high school science teachers. Click on the link above to be added to the list of researchers interested in hosting a student and/or teacher.

Student Application Instructions

Follow these instructions to complete and submit an application.