APS Physiology Video Contest

Deadline: December 15
Sample Videos:
See past video submissions under Resources


Limited to undergraduate and graduate/professional trainees. Undergraduates do not have to be members of APS. Graduate/professional students must be members of APS (dues are $15 for 1st year and $30 for subsequent years; see link below under Resources to apply). In the case of a team graduate/professional student project, at least one member of the team must be an APS member.

To Apply

  1. Post your ≤5 minute video on YouTube
  2. Write a 250-word abstract describing the video and scientific principles demonstrated in it
  3. Fill out the Underage Video Release Form if any participant is under 18 years of age (see Resources below)
  4. Fill out the Compliance Form  and Source Reference Sheet (see Resources below)
  5. Go to APS Online Awards Site (see link under Resources below) to submit online contest application and forms

Content restrictions
Video must NOT contain:

  • APS logo, name, or website
  • Copyrighted material, unless it is owned or licensed by the contestant or in the public domain
  • Trademarks of any third-party
  • Third-party voiceovers
  • Third-party stock photos, artwork, video, or sound unless it is licensed by the contestant or in the public domain
  • Nudity, lewd or vulgar behavior, offensive language and/or gestures
  • Exploitation or mistreatment of humans or animals

Additional Limitations

  • Contestants must have appropriate permissions to film on sites (e.g., campus, departmental buildings, laboratories)
  • Any use of animals as experimental subjects requires a written justification (to be included as part of the online submission). No laboratory animals can be used without written permission of the institution and IACUC approval. Incidental use of animals (e.g., video of you walking your dog) requires no additional documentation.
  • Similarly, any explicit use of human subjects in experiments requires written justification and, if performed in an academic or research setting, requires IRB approval.
  • Each contestant may submit only one video per year. Entrants submitting more than one video will have all their submissions disqualified
  • Vocals and titles must be made in English or subtitled in English
  • Submissions must be original and unique. Submissions that appear to be duplicates will be disqualified. Entries that, after examination, appear to infringe the rights of any third party will be disqualified without notice to the contestant(s). These may include modified versions of professionally produced works. Submissions cannot be derivative works from original works created by persons or entities other than the contestant(s).
  • The APS retains the right to exclude videos deemed inappropriate by the reviewers from competition and promotion on the Society website.

Review Criteria

Videos will be reviewed by the Career Opportunities in Physiology Committee. The committee retains the right to disqualify any videos for the "Viewer's Choice" Award that display evidence that the counts have been affected by use of automatic video hits, spiders, bots, or any other technology. The Committee will evaluate the videos and choose semi-finalists. The links to the finalist’s videos will be promoted through the APS website and APS Facebook sites. Finalists will be selected based on:

  • Message appropriate for the public
  • Creativity and originality
  • Accuracy of scientific content
  • Technical merit
  • Overall artistic value


1st place: $750 + up to $1,000 to partially cover travel costs to attend Experimental Biology
Viewer's Choice: $250 (determined from hits on YouTube site)

All decisions of the Committee will be final.


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Compliance Form.pdf

Document to be submitted with Video Contest application online.

Underage Video Release Form.pdf

Form to submit with Video Contest if any participant is under 18 years of age.

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