EB Undergraduate Research Awards


Abstract submission: Abstracts must be submitted by the EB abstract submission deadline date.

Application submission: January 12

To apply

See the link below under Resources.


Applicants for the APS EB Undergraduate Research Awards must:

  1. Be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time of the abstract submission.
  2. Be the first author on a submitted abstract to an APS session for the EB meeting. Students may not submit more than one abstract for the award competition each year. 
  3. Be working with an APS member who attests that the student is deserving of the first authorship.
  4. Have not previously won the EB Undergraduate Research Award.
  5. Upload a one-page letter that discusses his/her role in the research, the significance of the research, and his/her career plans.
  6. Request  a recommendation letter from the research advisor to be uploaded that includes a statement that the student was deserving of first authorship.

Review Criteria for Abstracts

Abstracts, student letters, and letters of recommendation from research host will serve as the basis for selection of the Outstanding Abstract Awardees. Review criteria include the following:

  1. The abstract displays a clear logic and flow of ideas.
  2. The scientific problem includes a clear hypothesis to be tested, a well-described approach to the problem using clear experimental methods or model. The results of the study are presented succinctly, and a quantitative, analytical approach is applied, where possible.
  3. The discussion and/or conclusions are concise and follow logically from the results presented.
  4. The student's letter indicates that s/he played a significant role in the research, has an understanding of the significance of the research, and has some interest in a biomedical and/or physiology-related career.
  5. The research advisor's recommendation letter.

Review Criteria for Poster Presentations

The Awards Selection Committee will interview the Outstanding Abstract Awardees during the EB meeting. The Awards Selection Committee will consider:

  1. Quality of the poster and oral presentation.
  2. Quality of graphics used.
  3. Organization of the poster.
  4. Creativity used in displaying and describing the research as well as in the development of the research project.
  5. Novelty of the research project.
  6. Student display of his/her understanding of the work and its significance.



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