Outreach Resources
APS provides materials for student and faculty to use when making career presentations to undergraduate and K-12 students. These include posters, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, and brochures, as well as resources for the nationwide PhUn Week program each November.

Life Science Teaching Resource Community (LifeSciTRC)

APS' Digital library that includes content from physiology, developmental biology, anatomy, and other similar fields.

Careers in Physiology Poster

A poster from the American Physiological Society promoting exploration of physiology and a career in physiology.

Higher Education Programs Brochure

This resource brochure contains information about available awards, fellowships and career development opportunities for individuals at the undergraduate and graduate/professional levels.

Physiology Understanding (PhUn) Week

PhUn Week is APS' member-based annual outreach program to K-12 school classrooms each November.

PowerPoint Slides on Physiology Careers

Downloadable presentations and notes for outreach talks on physiology and career opportunities for undergrads.