This program began in 2013. These undergraduate students (6 annually) are being funded to work in the lab of an established APS investigator for 10 weeks during the summer and brought them to the following year's Experimental Biology meeting to participate in the meeting and present their research findings. A spreadsheet of all past Undergraduate Research Excellence Fellows is provided in Resources below.

APS congratulates the 2017 Undergraduate Research Excellence Fellows.



Tessa Adler
Yale College

Nina S. Stachenfeld, PhD
Yale School of Medicine

Maleeha Ahmad
Michigan State University

Stephanie Watts, PhD
Michigan State University

Alexandra Carl
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jill N. Barnes, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Janine DeBlasi
University of South Florida

Dominic P. D'Agostino, PhD
University of South Florida College of Medicine

Ashley Holland
University of Florida

Gordon S. Mitchell, PhD
University of Florida

Karine Liu
Brown University

Carlos Aizenman, PhD
Brown University

To view a complete list of the program awardees, see the Resources section below


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Press release announcing the 2017 UGREF Fellows

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2014 UGREF Press Release

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UGREF Fellowship: Past Awardees (XLS)

View full list of current and past UGREF Fellows and their Research Hosts