Goal for the UGSRF Program:

To excite and encourage undergraduate students worldwide to pursue a career as a basic research scientist.

Objectives for the Program:

Students participating in the program will

  1. Learn to develop a hypothesis-driven research project, collect and analyze data, and write up the experimental results.
  2. Present at least one poster or oral presentation on their experimental results at a scientific meeting.
  3. Attend a national multi-society scientific meeting and interact with fellow undergraduate awardees.
  4. Express a strengthened commitment to a research career as a result of the summer program.
  5. Enroll in a graduate or combined graduate/professional program to pursue a career in basic biomedical research.

APS conducts both entry and exit surveys for each year of the program asking about the program, research skills the student has gained, and their thoughts about a future career. In addition, 2 years after the program, fellows are re-surveyed as to their career paths.

Posters, papers, and reports on the impacts of the UGSRF program are included in Resources below.


UGSRF Program: Exposing Undergraduates to Physiology Research Leads to a Research-focused Career

A poster from the 2009 Experimental Biology meeting reporting on results of the APS UGSRF program awardees and career choices.