The APS IOSP program is designed to help undergraduate students nationwide from disadvantaged backgrounds, individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, and individuals with disabilities to work with APS member researchers in the fields of comparative and evolutionary physiology.

IOSP Fellows complete not only 10 weeks of a summer research experience and professional development activities on their campus, but also interactive, online activities with students nationwide, exploring career options, responsible conduct of research, structuring research studies, developing abstracts, and presenting research posters.  Students will also present at APS conferences where they are active participants in a professional community and become active proponents for IOS research via APS’ social media outlets (blog, Facebook) and K-12 outreach program, Physiology Understanding Week (PhUn Week). The program takes students beyond a summer experience to become involved members of the IOS scientific community.

All APS IOSP Fellows receive 2-year complimentary undergraduate student membership in the APS.

Students who complete the first year of the IOSP program can apply for a second year of funding.

APS was awarded the 5-year IOS grant in 2012.

APS IOSP Fellows - Broadening Participation Through Research Experiences and Professional Socialization

Read the APS’ Award abstract on the NSF web site.

Experimental Biology (EB)

The annual EB meeting is a multi-society interdisciplinary, biomedical, and scientific meeting that features plenary and award lectures, symposia, oral and poster sessions, a placement center, and an exhibit of scientific equipment, supplies, and publications.