Be Counted

The APS Porter Physiology Development Committee and the APS Women in Physiology Committee encourage ALL APS members to complete their member profile, including information on gender, racial and ethnic group, and interest areas.

Why does APS want this information?

APS is recognized as a national leader in efforts to increase broad participation in science, especially in physiology (see PAESMEM award below). APS programs encourage students from diverse groups (both genders, all racial and ethnic groups, and from around the world) to become physiologists and become part of the physiology community through Society programs, awards, and meetings. These efforts are funded both by APS funds and external grants. External funding for targeted programs helps APS to fund more awards and programs, both for majority and minority trainees.

Currently, APS members are encouraged but not required to provide demographic information in their membership profile. A significant proportion of APS members do not provide this information. This includes men and women from all racial and ethnic groups. This makes it difficult for APS to track progress in increasing diversity among physiologists, to gauge the effectiveness of our diversity programs and to secure external funding for APS diversity programs. It also makes it difficult for the various committees and programs to reach out to trainees to encourage their participation in Society and Section activities. Finally, it makes it difficult to identify potential candidates for committees, awards, and elected positions.

How is your membership profile information used?

As noted above, your membership information provides information on the demographic profile of the APS membership.  APS does NOT release this information to the public associated with your name but may provide summary tables or charts indicating the percentages of members in different demographic groups. APS staff or committees may use this information to look for members to invite to participate in specific programs or initiatives (e.g., strategic planning task force, symposia, or advisory boards). It also helps determine a member’s elibility for some awards. If you have any questions about how your membership information is used, please contact us.

How can I update my information?

It’s easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Login” button at the top of the left hand column.
  3. Enter the email address we have on file and your password.
  4. You should see your “My Account” profile.
  5. On the left navigation menu, roll over “My Profile” and click on “My Preferences”
  6. Update your demographic information.
  7. Be sure to click on “Save” at the bottom (right) of the page to add your changes to the APS membership database.

To  be added to interest groups (and receive information on APS programs, awards, and services in these areas), roll over “My Profile” and click on “My Opt-Ins”. Choose your areas of interest by clicking the “Opt-In” buttons.

Thank you for updating your information!


How can I update my information?

Watch a step-by-step tutorial on updating your Membership profile.


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