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2018 Barger Awardee, Patricia Molina2017 Barger Awardee, Caroline AppleyardDr. A. Clifford Barger, founder of the Porter Physiology Development Program

The A. Clifford Barger Underrepresented Minority Mentorship Award honors a member of the American Physiological Society who is judged to have demonstrated leadership, guidance, and mentorship of underrepresented minority (URM) students in the physiological sciences.

The A. Clifford Barger award promotes and embodies the APS goal of broad diversity among physiologists by recognizing outstanding mentors who make significant impacts on diversity in physiology. It recognizes mentoring as a highly valued professional activity that merits a high level award by the Society. The purpose of the award is not to promote URM physiologists per se, but to recognize individuals who mentor URM physiologists. The award promotes diversity in three ways:

  • Raises the visibility of scientists who mentor students from diverse backgrounds,
  • Stimulates the support and development of URM students engaged in graduate study in physiology,
  • Shares the specific strategies used to promote diversity in the awardees’ laboratories, departments, institutions, schools, etc.

The awardee receives a $1,000 check, plus reimbursement of Experimental Biology (EB) travel expenses (up to $1,500) and registration. A commemorative plaque is given at EB during the APS Business Meeting.

Each awardee will write a Mentoring Forum article (published in The Physiologist and as a blog entry) to share their best practices for fostering the scientific, professional and personal development of their URM trainees. Awardees may also be invited to participate in a webinar.

The webinars provide insight into how mentors provide an environment that is exceptionally welcoming to URM students.

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