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At the K-12 level, APS Education activities focus on building networks between physiologists and teachers. Resources include curricula, professional development for teachers, and outreach resources for physiologists. Use the navigation at left to access information on these topics:

  • Student Awards/Fellowships: APS provides awards for student research projects at local, regional, and national science fairs.
  • Student Career Resources: The APS Career web provides resources for K-12 students that focus on careers in physiology and other sciences, including biographies of physiologists, how to prepare for a science career, minority student resources, and a searchable database of institutions that grant degrees in physiology.
  • Student Science Activities: Try an experiment to see if you would like to become a physiologist! Here are many experiments that can be done for fun or as science fair projects.
  • Teacher Fellowships and Grants: APS offers one or more teacher professional development fellowships each year. In addition, APS encourages teachers to apply for classroom grants and other professional development fellowships.
  • Teacher Professional Development: APS offers teacher professional development through fellowship programs, workshops, and webinars. APS records many of its workshop presentations and offers them to teachers and the broader public as webinars.
  • Education Projects: In collaboration with numerous organizations and institutions, the APS develops innovative projects to support and promote excellence in science education, physiology research, and career development. These include professional development programs and curriculum development projects. The projects are sponsored by APS with additional support from federal agencies and private funders.
  • Learning Resources: APS has developed extensive resources for K-12 education that can help educators and students to increase their knowledge of physiology, enhance their pedagogy and course content, and advance their teaching careers.
  • Outreach Opportunities: APS encourages its members to participate in K-12 outreach. This section provides links to the APS Physiology Understanding Week program which has extensive outreach resources.
  • Web Links: APS is pleased to provide the links to other organizations with resources and programs to support K-12 education, teachers, and students.