Student Awards

APS encourages all K-12 students to participate in their local science fairs. Science is NOT facts in a book. It is a way of learning new things, by:

  • observing something about living things,
  • asking a question,
  • carrying out a test or experiment to gather information about your question,
  • collecting your observations,
  • analyzing them to better understand what they mean, and
  • deciding whether you can answer your question with the information provided by your experiment. If not, how would you modify your experiment? If so, what new questions do your experimental findings raise?

This is “evidence-based” learning, that is, we learn things from what we carefully observe during structured experiments. If you like exploring and learning new things, you are on the road to thinking like a scientist!

Use the links at left to find out about science fairs in your community (APS Science Fair Awards) and about the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). APS gives awards at both of these science fair groups.

Note: APS does not give undergraduate scholarships at this time.