Special Teaching Collections

These collections were developed through a number of education projects and are accessible here as well as in the Life Science Teaching Resource Community.

  • Women life scientists units: 20 life sciences modules is designed to increase students' exposure both to female science role models and to hands-on, inquiry approach activities.
  • Teacher developed activities: Curricular materials developed by teachers, researchers, and education specialists and classroom-tested by teachers.
  • Physiologist developed activities: Scientists often develop and field-test hands-on activities for use in classroom visits.
  • Learning cycle units: These are field-tested activities with the science content vetted by research physiologists and classroom teachers.  All include integrated web resources or activities, inquiry-based labs, and authentic assessment components.
  • Integrating web-based resources into lessons: Includes several models for developing web pages that can enhance your lessons or serve as lessons in themselves.

Use the links at left to access these collections of teaching resources.