PhUn Week

Some advanced planning is highly recommended for a successful PhUn Week event!

The PhUn Week Event Planner gives both teacher hosts and researchers access to an organized way to approach your instructional days that will highlight the physiologist's visit to the classroom. Completing and submitting this form to the APS Education Office no later than the due date will allow a request for promotional materials (limited quantities) for the students, teachers, and presenting team. Use the navigation link at left for more information on the Event Planner.

Previous PhUn Week participants have shared their best classroom activities (see Teaching Materials at left). We encourage you to try them!

As an outreach program, why not publicize PhUn Week with your local community, school newsletters, or university newspapers? Customize the press release templates available on the Promotion page to highlight your own program and target your contact persons at media outlets in your community.


APS PhUn Week Press Release Template (DOC)

This is a press release template for PhUn Week. Please complete with your information.

PhUn Week Student Demographic Form (XLS)

This excel sheet allows you to enter details about your PhUnWeek students.