PhUn Week

Use the links below to access these teacher-tested science lessons. Note that these are only a few of the many resources available at the Life Science Teaching Resource Community (see link below):

  • Physiology Activities for the K-12 Classroom – This is a collection of inexpensive activities from previous PhUn Week events. Try them with your students!
  • Animals’ Needs: This unit allows students to have fun learning about food sources, healthy eating, safe food preparation and handling, food groups and overall nutrition. In this activity, student teams observe a worm model and live worm, create a worm terrarium, and observe worm behavior over time.
  • Skin Wise: In this unit, students learn about their skin and the importance of protecting it. Great embedded math skills building!
  • Water Any Body?: In this unit, students learn about the water their body takes in and releases each day and how water is essential to human health.
  • Lungometer: This activity allows students to measure their lung capacity using everyday materials. This one is always fun…great for an outdoor lesson.
  • Healthy Heart Experiemnts: Online simulations of simple physiology experiments.
  • Find additional resouces in the Life Science Teaching Resource Community (see link in Resources below).

Use the Careers in Physiology Website link at top of page to:

  • Learn more about physiology
  • Find out what physiologists do
  • Meet some interesting physiologists.